10 Ways to Silly Up Your Christmas

Looking for the perfect Christmas decorations?

I know that Christmas is all about traditions but I am finding the familiar traditions to be a bit boring. I mean, does it always have to be the same? Same tree, same lights, same food....yawn!

I want to be able to have fun for the holidays, and to me, doing the same exact thing I did last year is not a lot of fun.

For those who agree with me and want to spice up what you have been doing for years for Christmas, I have collected together 10 Ways to Silly Up Your Christmas:

1. Forget the Santa Claus Outfit, Think "Give Me Some Real Joy" Boxers

Rather than putting on the old Santa suit, hoping to get the missus in the mood, make it clear you want some loving.

Merchant says "Merry Xmas Boxers - Spread some holiday cheer. Back reads "Happy New Year" (See it here.)

2. Forget the Santa Hat, Think Huge Christmas Tree Hat

Rather than wearing the stupid, little, flappy, red Santa cap with the little fur ball at the end that everyone else is wearing, put something with a bit more sparkle on your head.

Merchant says "You'll be the star this holiday with this CRAZY CHRISTMAS TREE HAT! Fully-decorated hat is 18" high! Stars and Ornaments blink on & off just like a real tree." (See it here.)

3. Forget Frosty the Snowman, Think Kiss My Ass Elf

Instead of having all those blow up Christmas decorations of Frosty and Santa that on everyone's lawns, try putting this elf on your front lawn. Give the neighbors and people that drive by something to really talk about.

Merchant says "Half Mooning Elf -Santa's naughtier elf takes a break from the hustle and bustle at the North Pole to have a little fun at your house. Sculpted in plastic and finished with cute details for a whimsical holiday touch." (See it here.)

4. Forget the Pretty Dishes of Candy, Think Santa Doing the Poopy Dance

Rather than putting out pretty crystal dishes of stale candy or nuts for your guest, do something different and let Santa poop out the candy this year.

Merchant says "Poo Poo Novelty Santa Candy Dispenser - With our Poo Pooing Santa Claus, press down on the candy dispenser's head and watch Santa "poo-poo" the candies from his bottom!"  (Santa is sold out but the reindeer is still available here.

5. Forget a Full, Lush Christmas Tree, Think Pitiful Loser Tree

Rather than spending hours trying to pick out a perfect well-balanced tree and spending tons of money for it, just negotiate with the tree guy to give you a great deal on a half dead looking tree. If you don't have many branches on your tree, you can save yourself hours decorating the tree. This way, one ornament will be enough.

Merchant says " Good Grief. Learn the true meaning of Christmas with Charlie Brown's classic pathetic Christmas tree. Leave it bare or dress it up all fancy. The tree is an exact replica of the tree from the famous cartoon, made of wire branches and plastic needles with a criss cross wooden base. The bendable branches allow you to make it look just how you want, super pathetic or just kind of pathetic. The tree comes with one red Christmas ball ornament." (See it here.)