10 Wacky Things That Show We Are the Land of the Free

Got any fun plans for the Fourth of July? It's one of my favorite holidays since all you need to do for it is sit around, drink beer and eat. But we must remember that the Fourth of July is more than just an opportunity to have a barbeque.

Well, in a proper celebration of the Fourth of July, I wanted to celebrate with you and revel in the fact that America is still the Land of the Free.

Thanks to the foresight of our founding politicians and the support and sacrifices of following generations, in spite of some of the recent tarnish on our country, we are still a beacon of freedom and independence for many.

As the blogger here at InventorSpot.com focused on wacky products and ideas, I thought it interesting to note that our freedom is well reflected in all of the things we buy and do here in America. So for the Fourth of July, I have selected some of the silly products we have in the United States that exemplify that we are country that is still gloriously free... free to be wacky , silly and weird.


We have the freedom to fill our shelves with what we like

Severed Head in a Jar
(See it here)

We have the freedom to decorate our lawns with what we enjoy looking at

Digging Dog's Butt
(See it here)

We have the freedom to sleep in what we want

Naked Couple Bedding
(See it here)

We have the freedom to wear what we want to wear

Thong Boxers
(See it here)

We have the freedom to read about what we want to learn about


art Book: The Gas We Pass
Buy It Here

We have the freedom to play with what you bloody want to play with

Tampon Therapy Doll
(See it here)

We have the freedom to drive what you want to be seen in

Sunflower Rider Car
(See it here)

We have the freedom to mate with whomever and whatever you want

Male Blow Up Air Doll (without necessary parts)

(Buy it here)

We have the freedom to live in whatever we want to live in

Soccer Ball Shaped Floatable House
(See it here. )

We have the freedom to be who we want to be

Latex MaskLatex Mask

Full Body Latex Mask of Black Woman
See it here.

Well, thanks America for the freedom to write this!

Remember being wacky does not mean it won't sell,

Amused and Bemused

Jul 4, 2006
by Freedom to be Free Lance (not verified)

Freedom to Excuse Amuse and Bemused

for not seeing things for what they really are!

( 1) Severed Head in a Jar
--This captures Lorena Bobbitt's husband's face when she severed his penis. Who says a man can't beheaded twice?

( 2) Digging Dog's Butt
--This is the terrier who totally lost his head and overindulged in grass. He is now a pothead. (Dog's head in pot can also be bought in a jar like #l above.)

( 3) Naked Couple Bedding
--These are naked transvestites playing "my dog is bigger than your dog". The man on the left, who had to use both hands to cover up his dog, won the game since the man on the right only needed one hand. (This answers your question of what do transvestites do when they aren't in drag--they are having a drag race.)

( 4) Thong Boxers
--These are the new cheek implants that are used to enable large breast implantees to stand upright following surgery instead of falling flat on their breasts.

( 5) Fart Book
--That's a Dumbo Elephart that can fly when wind-driven. (You don't want to be around to see it.)

( 6) Tampon Therapy Doll
--PMS Therapy Doll. When a PMS sufferer gets cranky and wants to take a fit, all she has to do is throw the doll on the floor and tamp on it until she gets relief. (You probably don't want to be around to see this, either--but at least you will be safe from abuse.)

( 7) Sunflower Rider Car
--Sunpower Auto with gas-conserving petals.

( 8) Male Blow Up Air Doll
--"Youth and I" Doll. Neither man Nordic, it is a gender-challenged doll that comes with a blank death certificate. You decide what day it will be put out of its misery, fill in the date of death, and bury it somewhere in Asia so that the youth in Asia can resurrect the doll and repeat the process. Fun for all ages, except JurASSic and Paleolithic.

( 9) Soccer Ball Shaped Floatable House
--Oh, man, not again: It is a FOOTball, not soccer ball. It is for football fans who can't leave home to root for their team. They are so engrossed in the game, they might as well live inside a ball. They are always hoping that their team wins, so you are partly right: Hope Floats.

(l0) Full Body Latex Mask of Black Woman
--No, No, No. This is the "What Would Michael Jackson Look Like As A Real Woman" Doll. It comes with one white glove, two white and two black babies, a balcony, blank CD and DVD-Rs, and an Easy Fake Oven for burning "Ben" CDs and Black or White DVDs.

Jul 5, 2006
by Michelle
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Hey Freedom:

Thanks for the comments. I enjoy them almost as much (maybe more ;) than Amused regular postings.


AmericanInventorSpot.com Team

Jan 15, 2009
by Anonymous