Wacky Product of the Week #8 : ADD YOUR COMMENTS

Poop SoapPoop SoapYou wanted poop so I give you poop.

Actually, it's poop soap. Who said poop is something you should avoid touching. This poop makes you cleaner and makes you smell nice too.

Merchant for this products says "This is high quality, coffee-scented soap that (really) appears to be a big pile of little-dog-doo!!" (NopeItsSoap via Gizmodo)

So folks, any thoughts on this fine prpduct. What do you think would be some good uses for it?

Nov 25, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Amused... This is disgusting


This is disgusting and so brilliant. Can you imagine washing your kids mouths with soap. Ewwwww

Nov 25, 2006
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture


I have a 2 year old. If I had this in my home she wouldn't know the difference between the soap or the poop and I'd just hate to think of what could happen in the mix up.

Nov 25, 2006
by bottleslingguy
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It's all in the packaging.

I'd love to see how they make them. Notice the newspaper inside the plastic bag. Nice touch.

Don't worry, my slings are handwashable. You can check them out at Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery .

Jan 1, 2007
by Raf (not verified)

Alternate Use: Amazingly Effective Pool Clearer

Tired of sharing the pool with other swimmers? Just break out one of these bad boys and you'll have the whole pool to yourself in minutes!

Jan 24, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Cappuchino scented?

Cappuchino scented?