Water Clock with Real Liquid Display

Looking for a new type of clock for your walls?

Kavita Mathur, our Guest Blogger, is a public relations professional in the field of Education with a passion for communicating. Taking a much deserved break from her career to bring up her two children, she has gone back to her first love-writing - in her free time. She wanted to share her love for cool gadgets with the readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com.

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Appreciation of art can be a time consuming affair.

So why not combine the two together? Take a wall clock and turn it into an exquisite work of art! That is the ChronArte Canna for you.
This gorgeous clock with real liquid display has twelve crystal clear tubes filled with colored water. It is a clock that contains 5.25 gallons of water. The water fills up as time passes and it is marked at a10-minute increments. At 12 pm or am all water drains down to the bottom and it starts filling again. Minute by minute, hour by hour the water accumulates and when all are filled, the system empties and the cycle begins anew. That’s really cool.

Water has been used symbolically to show time and the passage of time; both time and water being immortal.

This elegant clock measures 48” in height and measures 28” wide with a total weight of approx. 66lbs. Precious materials like anodized aluminum for the main body, stable acrylic glass tubes, specially conditioned water and high-tech ceramics have been subtly harmonized for a long lifespan.

The clock uses radio reception (DCF-77-signal) to synchronize the time and automatically changes from standard to daylight savings time. Beyond the range of reception, a quartz controlled timer is used. It has the feature to automatically changeover from standard to daylight-saving time.

Priced at $12,000 it sure is a collector’s item. Moreover, a choice of liquid colors is available on consultation. (via Gizmodo)

Kavita Mathur
Guest Blogger

Mar 4, 2007
by Gloria Campos
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Water clock

I like this. How neat.