Water-Safe Baby Carrier

With summer fast-approaching, visions of the dreaded heat and humidity press tightly on my mind, like a hot, wet cloth. Oppressive and uncomfortable, the Midwest summers can nearly kill you or at least obliterate any fun outdoors - especially for my family. We all dislike the heat. Staying at home with the kids, cooped up in the deliciousness of air-conditioning can only last too long.

Boredom sets in. Quick as a wink, I'm out the door, having packed everyone up for an afternoon at the pool. I love the water; its blue wetness dazzling in the glaring sun. Watching the children swimming their hearts and summer away is amazing. I love to hear their ecstatic squeals of laughter echoing off the water.

However, my kids are young, and going alone with two kids under the age of three is no party. So I was thrilled to hear of a fabulous new product that creates an easy, convenient and safer way to relish the experience of water with your kids.

Canadian mom, Catherine Hiscocks, invented a unique waterproof carrier called the WaterKiDTM Baby Carrier. Hiscocks went through an experience that any mom fears. "One day, while I was struggling to hang onto my toddler while holding my baby under my arm, my toddler went running after a beach ball floating on the water. The closer he got to the ball, the further it would bob away until I saw his little blonde head go under the surface of the water. I was screaming at him to come back but he could not hear me with the other children in the pool and echo that comes from an indoor pool. When I saw his little head go under the water, I tried to wade through the hip-deep water, with my 5 month old under my arm but since I only had one arm free to maneuver through the water, the baby slipped through my arm and began to fall. A stranger reached over and caught my infant before he went below the surface and I took off to pull my 2 year old to safety, the entire time praying that this stranger would not walk out of the pool with me baby."

Thankfully all ended well, but after the ordeal, Hiscocks sat on the edge of the pool and cried, frustrated that something as simple as a water adaptable baby carrier did not exist. She went home and decided to make a waterproof one. She envisioned a carrier that - unlike the quilted cloth varieties found in baby stores- could get wet but dry quickly. She also wanted the carrier buoyant, so to relieve her back and shoulders from the infant's weight. Four years later, she received her patent and is set to get her product on the global market.

Made specifically for kids 12-25 lbs., the WaterKiDTM Baby Carrier is made from water-friendly buoyant Neoprene, so it's extremely lightweight. You can wear the child forward-facing or on-the-hip, so it's not only great for the lake or the pool, but for showering as well. No more slippery baby!

WaterKiDTM Baby Carrier comes in six colors and two sizes. You can purchase it online and in local shops in Canada.

With this product I welcome summer with open and now free arms. It may be a hot one, but I'll be chillin' with my baby strapped safely on me.

Mia Levine
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Mar 28, 2007
by Anonymous

Great Idea!

This is a great product.  I will certainly get one for my sister who has 3 boys, ages 4,6,8 and another baby on the way.  They live just a couple miles from Lake Michigan and enjoy many days at the beach.