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Weird Jewelry : My Idea of Inventive Art

Sperm PinSperm Pin

Colons and Enema bags sound perfect for your girl?

Well, as you know, Michelle (one of our bloggers here at InventorSpot.com) posts here regularly on inventive and innovative art.

I thought that with this classic collection of sculptural pieces, I was pretty sure she wouldn't ever get around to sharing with you.

So, I thought she wouldn't mind (hehe) if I used the idea to share my own take on Inventive Art with you. (Sometimes, I really crack myself up. I know, you're saying its a good thing as no one else thinks you are funny.)

Sculptures can come in many shapes and sizes. One of those forms is exquisite pieces of jewelry.


Fetus PinFetus Pin


Enema BagEnema Bag

Colon BroochColon Brooch

Uterus PinUterus Pin

Lucan Parc has a series of miniature sculptures using the reposee method (presented here as jsilver and bronze jewelry pieces) to honor anatomy and reproduction. Their website says that "these daring miniatures cause us to look honestly at ourselves and celebrate what we are made of, our shape and form and function, in new ways. "

Weird jewelry - huh? Now, I like to think of these as rare one-of-a kind pieces, don't you agree? I don't think it makes me look honestly at myself, more like honestly a little grossed out...but maybe that's just me.If you want to talk inventive art, I think these tiny sculptures are pretty novel. You can see the whole collection at Lucan Parc.

So, do you see these as pieces of art? Would you ever wear anything like these? I am really curious as to what people think of these, so tell me what you think.

Remember...wacky does not mean it won't sell,

Amused and Bemused

* * * *

On a more serious note, if its been awhile since you visited our Invention Gallery, please remember to go and take a look. There are some really cool inventions there.


Jun 19, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

You've outdone yourself

You've outdone yourself again on finding some really bizarre stuff. You never know when you'll be in the mist of a conversation about an enema bag ... and the person won't know what one is .. how convenient to have one pinned to your sweater. I think the enema bag is a very practical thing to have.

Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Oh my god, the enema bag is

Oh my god, the enema bag is awesome. Can you imagine the looks you would get from wearing the enema bag.

I got to say the fetus is not actually anything particularly attractive either.

Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Make the Pins Make a Point

These are all wrong and incomplete. Most people want jewelry that can be handed down to children and grandchildren--what grandmother is going to give a grandchild a sperm pin? What is needed is a pubic heirloom. And when you want to give your aunt a birthday present, it would be offensive to give her an engema bag when she clearly needs a douche bag.

Jewelry should also be more practical. It might be a good idea--similar to mood rings--to create jewelry that signifies what is happening inside the woman so that men will know when to proceed with caution. Three Pin-Points ought to do the trick:

(1) Lactating: yep, she's got milk, but baby will be seeing more booty than you will be

(2) Gestating: you ain't getting any tonight

(3) Menstrating: you ain't getting any tonight and you don't want any, anyway; get out of Dodge fast

Jun 21, 2006
by Shadowslaughter (not verified)

What-the-f***? Why in the

What-the-f***? Why in the world would you make jewelry to look like such things? The insides of a human, as wonderous and great as they are, are anything but attractive.

Jun 21, 2006
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Enema Bag or Douche Bag?

Enema Bag or Douche Bag? Classic gift idea. LMAO

Jun 21, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

At first, I thought these

At first, I thought these were rather funny, but then I saw the colon brooch. As an Indian, I am offended that you would adulterate Om (Aum, Ohm). I am assuming you're ignorant to the significance of the symbol, and now that you know Om is the most sacred Hindu symbol, you will take the appropriate action.

Jun 21, 2006
by joey carol (not verified)


These are marvelous! I don't care much for the fetus pin, though, as I think feti are disgusting. But I do want one of the uterus pins! They are very pretty and elegant.

And I would be that grandmother giving her grandchild the sperm pin. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to get something like that from someone you love?

Jun 22, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Your Wish Has Been Granted

A colonscopy has been scheduled, but cannot be performed until the pin wearer fasts for 12 hours and uses the enema.

Jun 22, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


will not clean up this mess.

Jun 22, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Please Forgive American Ignorance

Out of respect for Om/Aum/Ohm, I'm going to use my Fleet to start a bowel movement in the U.S. and try to create a Hindu Super Bowl. I'm going to give up my stool and sit on the floor.

Jun 22, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)



Jun 22, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


I hate seeing the arrestees on the news who are wearing a cross. It obviously does not have any religious significance....it is "jewelry". Good Christians wouldn't be killing, raping, robbing, etc.

Jun 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

On Freedom of Expression and Cultural Relativism

This is supposed to be about freedom of expression, not respect or disrespect for religion.

It is obvious that symbols mean different things to different cultures or religions. The concept of "cultural relativism" must be used--symbols must be seen from that society's perspective, not from one's own. As such, a colon brooch is just that--a piece of jewelry that is in the shape of a colon and it doesn't mean or symbolize anything other than that. I think it is inappropriate for someone from another culture to apply his/her culture's or religion's meaning to a symbol from another culture and conclude that the symbol is disrespectful. The colon brooch is not meant to be offensive to anyone or any religion. If you find it offensive, it is because of the way in which you perceive and interpret it, not because the creator of the colon brooch INTENDED to offend your religion or beliefs.

As ignorant as some Americans may be, many/most still perceive the swastika as used by Hindus as a Hindu symbol that has a different meaning to them and therefore do not ask Hindus to change or eliminate it! Likewise, Hindus should not ask for the colon brooch to be eliminated.

I hope I have made my point without offending anyone.

Jun 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Who are we kidding? There's

Who are we kidding? There's no need for anyone here to be offended. The only way someone should be offended is if, and only if, someone of a non-Christian denomination would take a crucifix and wrap a colon around that. But then again it's all culturally relative isn't it?

Jun 23, 2006
by Ignorant American Shit/Asshole (not verified)

My Interpretation

Well, when I read the statement from the anonymous Indian who was "offended" that the om was adulterated, I viewed it as a joke! So, my question to this person is: Were you being serious or sarcastic????????

The "problem" with these messages is that they do not reveal one's emotions or true feelings. Personally, I am happy.


Jun 23, 2006
by Anonymous Christian (not verified)

I wouldn't be offended

if someone--Christian or non-Christian-- wrapped a colon around a crucifix.

Yes, it is all culturally relative and open for interpretation. If you are LOOKING to be offended, you can easily find things to fulfill your desire.

Jun 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Peace, Man


Jun 24, 2006
by alaska (not verified)

Will you calm down? It's

Will you calm down? It's just a broach. If you're offended, stop looking at it. You're on an American website, YOU chose to be on the website. If they think it's funny, they're not going to change it. Hindu is obviously not their religon. Don't take life so seriously, it's not permanent.

Jun 25, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


I think after reading all of these posts, many of you are unreflective as to the intent of these pins. What do they depict? Sperm, Fetus, Enema Bags, Colons and the Uterus. Now, why don't we think of what links all of these body parts together. First, they are all biological and considered taboo/filthy or something of the other. In short, they are human. But I think the greater message the art is getting at is the idea of life. Sperm is sacred in many cultures, Taoism speaks that it is the essence of life and is to be used sparingly. The Fetus, that is the definition of life in America, these days, fueling the Abortion debates and etc. The Enema Bag, this is life also, why? Its connected to the Colon and the Digestive tract. This is where the Sexual Chakra exists. Many Eastern traditions, and many Western medical studies have shown that the secret to a long, healthy life, is a healthy colon. It is there where the things that make us sick and the ability ot heal us takes place. This filthy, disgusting, biological human part, is denegrated in the West as an object of scorn. The West has taken war upon the body. The idea that we can have a lifestyle of excess and apathy and stress is why the West has so many issue, particularly with digestion. It is when we understand the body, and its functions, we begin to understand just what health is. What a better way to knock the WEstern view of pharmaceuticals and the idea that one can "purchase health care" and life any life they want. The fact the West believes, that money can buy life, is being bunked through this art. Instead, by adopting these symbols as jewelry, instead of prizing diamonds or stones, we prize life, and the very parts that deal with it. What better symbol to be paired with the sacred symbol of Aum? What better symbols to critisize the Western view, that whatever we eat, drink and do, can all be remedied by money and drugs, instead of realizing that proper care of the human body and its organs is the best way to preserve life. For men, it is having a healthy sexual glands, the prostate and as well has a good digestive system. For women, its having a healthy colon and uterus, that will bring about life. Its time to recognize that the West's view of health is skewed and by merging the sacred body created by nature and the divine with the jewelry, where we place crosses, stars and other sacred objects, that we can begin to realize the true power of health, and consequently life. Isn't that the goal of all world faiths? Health of the body,mind and soul? Recognition that all is one. Does our aversion to these objects, to our bodies and their functions tell us something scary about the state humanity is in, in this technological world. We believe the machine can fix everything and fail to take up personal responsibility and know our bodies better. If we knew our body better, don't you think that we could know the BODY better as well as the body of the earth? Maybe theres more being said in this form of art then that which meets the eye. After all, how many of us recognize everyday that we have a colon? How many think twice as to what will happen we eat a BigMac? Maybe things would change if we saw the body parts we often ignore in sex, and eating and birth we would take on greater respect for them in everyday life? Just something to think about.

Jun 26, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

yeah its just crappy

yeah its just crappy jewelry... move on ppl

Jul 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)



Jul 7, 2006
by davro mcjones (not verified)

to be or not to be


Jul 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)



Jul 26, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

This is nothing. I have a

This is nothing. I have a friend who has much too much money on her hands, so at her bug-loving little sister's high school graduation she purchased a necklace whose pendant was a cockroach with Swavorski crystals inlaid.

Thing is, they put the crystals in right before giving it to you, so it lives for five days, crawling around on your neck. It is, of course, still attatched to the chain as well.

How would that feel, having a live cockroach crawling around your neck? The sister loved it, of course. I really don't understand some people... bugs scare the s**t out of me.

Sep 15, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

This is really really cool!

This is really really cool! I make jewelry myself, but not professionally so i love looking at everyone else doing an amazing job! Great original ideas!

Dec 31, 2007
by leannne (not verified)

The jewlelry is amazingly

The jewlelry is amazingly creative,and on the edge.

Keep it up.