We're Now Green and Connected

We are pleased to announce that two more writers have accepted our invitation to be Featured Bloggers here at AmericanInventorSpot.com.

Ms. Gloria Campos-Hensley will be writing for us on all things green. She is a professional writer and a mom, and comes from Houston, Texas. Ms. Campos-Hensley will be sharing with us her finds on innovations that are environmentally friendly, save money, improve our way of living and are convenient to use.

Mr. Jefferson Smith will keep us all well connected. A political and marketing consultant that is currently pursuing a Masters degree, Mr. Smith works and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Jefferson's experience in technology innovation comes from five years of working at Internet Access companies and dotcoms during the boom and bust of the 90's. Mr. Smith will share his views on the lighter side of inventing, innovating and living, concentrating primarily on cell phone technology, wireless internet services and some of the latest break-throughs in technology.

The Spot Team is really excited to have them join us. With them on our team, along with all of our other Featured Bloggers, we are making good progress towards having the talent we need to inform and entertain you with the best in inventions, innovations and ingenious ideas.

The world of innovation is huge and we have barely scratched the surface, so we are looking for more great writers. If you think you have what it takes to join our Team, please contact us.