Innovative Wine Dispenser: Vin au Verre

I love wine, nothing like it to unwind after a hard day at work. I'm no connoisseur, so most of the time my wine is chilled, but maybe not to ‘perfection' or the exact recommended temperature.

This does not bother me much. What troubles is the left over wine in the bottle. I often have a bit left that I simply cannot have and just put back in the freezer for the next day, knowing full well that that is not the way its supposed to be done.

Eurocave Vin au VerreEurocave Vin au VerreNow, there is a Vin au verre available that might address such problems effectively. The vin au verre (wine by the glass) is a wine dispensing unit that holds 8 bottles of wine in a temperature controlled environment for easy consumption. The temperatures are maintained at a perfect 15°/19°C for red wines, 6°/10°C for white and rosé wines by an electronic module. The machine also pressurizes the bottles using a nitrogen system that prevents the tart tannins and fruity flavors from spoiling due to atmospheric conditions. Wine is forced out of the bottles by nitrogen which protects the flavors simultaneously.

Floored by the amount of innovations in this single chiller aren't you?

There is more.

The wine dispenser has LED lighting which guards the precious wine bottles from harmful UV light. The dispenser holds 8 bottles in storage for consumption once the 8 on the racks are over. So a total capacity of 16 bottles.

The people at Eurocave have really thought of it all.

The price of the vin au verre is not disclosed on the site and one has to put in a special request for it. I did not bother since I probably would not be able to afford it and secondly I am quite happy with my fridge chilled bottles.

But if you really love your wine, have the moolah for it and cellar full of rare vintages; do have a look at the vin au verre .



Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
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