Wouldn't it be great if ... Commuting was Fun?

Do you ever get sick of sitting in traffic? Do you ever get frustrated with how rude drivers are?

Our Guest Blogger, Charley Sainsbury, has been an illustrator for over 30 years. He began long before the computer was available using paintbrush, pen, and airbrush. In 1988, Charley purchased his first Macintosh computer, learned all the software and found it upped his productivity. Charley loves creating the unimaginable. Check out his website, /g3d/, for a few samples of his work. For our readers, Charley has come up with a very creative (maybe not so realistic) solution to this dilemma.

A picture says a thousand words. Here's Charley's picture and a few words.


Commuting can be an extremely stressful part of your life, traveling to work in the morning and then reversing the trek at night. If only people on YOUR road would be more considerate and use some common sense, life could be better. Most people are calm and passive, BUT in a dark, hidden part of their mind they like to fantasize of exciting ways of dealing with people that are less polite.

Building bigger roads could be the solution... but who wants additional taxes; just look at the "BIG DIG" in Boston, MA. This has turned out to be the biggest construction project on the planet and by the time they are done, the population there will have out-grown it.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to take care of this problem on your own? How about having some type of crane mounted on the top of your vehicle with a big ole hook that would enable you to clear your own path?











Let me know what you think about my attempt to make life just a little more manageable for you.

Charles Sainsbury
Guest Blogger


Dec 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I have been dreaming about

I have been dreaming about this invention my whole life. LOL