"Wow, The Internet is Old!": Said Seth

Internet Archive is my new best friend.










Surely since the Internet's comprehensive conception way back in 1996 (over a decade, yikes!) you've had the sudden need to find some random old website from years past. But, the only problem is that website doesn't exist anymore and you desperately need to show your friends whatever it was that was so funny it made you blow milk out of your nose. Fear not, Internet Archive is here for ya. Stocked with over 100 terabytes of websites, you can pretty much find any website ever made. To put that into perspective, the U.S. Government servers are only operating with a puny 20 terabytes. That being said, you needn't worry about space over there at Internet Archive.

Need a solid number on how many websites Internet Archive has? Try 85 billion, yes, BILLION websites. Just type your site into the sites "wayback machine" and get your results. It would probably be a fun game to think up old websites and see if Internet Archive has them. Perhaps add a bottle of liquor to liven things up? Not that I condone that sort of behavior...




Anyway, you get my drift. You need old websites, you can certainly find them. They also have an impressive stock of movies, images and stories as well, so add this one to your bookmarks and resurface the cyber past.


Seth Plattner
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