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Bullet Designs Shoots For Cool Fashion Statement

Looking for a new type of fashion statement? Try a bullet. With Bullet Designs, you'll never have to worry about wearing boring jewelry. It's a real action packed accessory.

UAttend Brings The Time Clock To The Cloud

Having trouble keeping up with your employee's time? uAttend offers a high-tech solution. There’s a new way to keep track of all that accumulated overtime.

Personal Sound In-Ear Amplifier Lets You Hear Exactly What You Want

Is the world around you too darn loud? The In-Ear Amplifier from Able Planet gives you super hearing of a sort.

Learn To Create An Android App In One Hour

Ever wanted to create your own Android app? No need for a crash course in writing code, either. This tutorial makes it simple, in about 56 minutes.

Test Drive iWork for iCloud Beta

iWork brings Apple Cloud-based productivity for most browsers.

‘Gundog’ Now Open For Beta Testing

Want to get in on a new game, not yet released? "Gundog" is currently offering that chance with a unique take on the third-person shooter.

Evernote Celebrates 5 Years

Evernote, the company whose tagline, "Remember everything," was a call for a new way to organize your digital life, is celebrating five years.

Jawbone’s UP Takes Your Health Seriously

The UP from Jawbone helps to monitor your health via your smartphone, and a stylish writstband. Think of it as your personal fitness trainer, there 24 hours a day.

Simply Clearer: The Lucid 2 Keeps It Transparent

An advanced smartphone simply isn't for every user. That's where LG's Lucid 2 comes in. You get all the features of a modern smartphone, but with a simpler interface that should be very attractive for new smartphone users.

Panther 3D Printer Brings Your Visions To Life

Have you ever wanted to really bring an idea to life? The Panther 3D Printer gives you the tools to make this a reality.