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Toyota Planning More Efficient Hybrid for 2012…Could Bring End to the Prius Reign

When it comes to hybrid vehicles, few names are more recognizable than the Toyota Prius. Since originally being introduced to the Japanese market back in 1997, the Prius has been at the top of the global hybrid sales chart. However, Toyota is promising a new, more fuel efficient vehicle in the near future that may be able to steal the crown from the reigning hybrid king.

Chevy Offering First Volt Owners Free Charging Stations

Not too long ago, Ford announced that some 1,800 of the early adopters of electric vehicles would be eligible to receive home charging stations at no cost to them. Their intention is to spark more interest in plug-in vehicles and hopefully boost sales of the initial production run. Not to be outdone, General Motors has promised the same kind of treatment to the first buyers of the upcoming Volt.

Mitsubishi and Subaru Planning Greener Versions of their Road Going Rally Cars

The battle between the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, fondly called the Evo, and the Subaru WRX STI for all wheel drive supremacy is one that has been fought through technological progress and mechanical prowess. However, a change in thinking on the parts of the two companies may also bring fuel efficiency and emissions into the ring.

London’s Iconic Black Taxi to Get Hydrogen Powerplant within 2 Years

For many Londoners, the jet black LTI TX4 Taxi Cab patrolling the streets of their city has become a familiar sight. Now, the famous people hauler will be getting an overhaul, complete with an environmentally friendly propulsion system and a fresh new coat of black paint.

Recent Study Claims a 50mph Speed Limit Would Cut CO2 Emissions by Up to 30%

Slowing down on the highway has been one of the most highly advertised ways to save fuel and reduce tailpipe emissions.  Even better, the only side effects of doing so are more to time stop in the event of an accident, and maybe one less cup of coffee in the morning.  Now, a study conducted in the Netherlands says the reduction in emissions could be as high as 30%.

GM Planning Rotary Power Plant for 2nd Generation Chevy Volt….Did we Miss the 1st Generation?

General Motors has been "refining" the now infamous Chevrolet Volt for quite a long time. Long enough, in fact, that the company is now talking about the next iteration of electrically powered people mover.

Hydrogen Hybrid Powered Vehicles May Be in the Future for BMW

Our Bavarian Engineers have been working hard on developing their alternative fuel lineup over the past few years. Now, it seems as though BMW will be looking to hydrogen to help power their future clean fleet.

Audi Calling for Next Generation Electric Vehicle Designs

By now it has become pretty clear that our future in transportation is going to rely heavily on alternative fuels, specifically hybrid electrics. Knowing this, Audi has launched a full scale design contest that will allow designers to dream up their own electric vehicle and submit the design to the German based automaker.

Volvo Trucks Saying 2020 Concept Closer to Production Than You Think

Volvo Trucks, not to be confused with Volvo Cars, recently released some details about the 2020 Truck Concept they have been working on over the past few months. While nearly all of the details were interesting, the most important piece on information was how soon the company thought they could get the concept on the road.

Self Repairing Concrete Could Reduce Road Work Woes

One drive down a local highway or high traffic roadway and it becomes very obvious that most states can't keep up with how fast our roads are deteriorating. However, a newly developed self-repairing concrete may be able to offer those countless road crews a much needed hand.

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