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Welcome to Michelle's Blog

Inventions, Inventors, Ideas...that what my blog and this website is about.

My blog typically has all of the Site Announcements and Updates, as well as articles on various invention related topics I think readers would enjoy.


Best Buy Guides And Gift Recommendations By Age - From 0 To 100

Now that shopping season is clearly here, I thought it would be helpful to provide an easy reference list of some of our best gift ideas and suggestions: Some of the ones listed here are cool and some are silly, but they all are innovative and inventive .Happy shopping everyone!

Site Announcement - March 7, 2011

InventorSpot.com is happy to announce that another writer will be joining our team. Nicholas Greene is a freelance writer with a Bachelor's degree in English obtained from the university of Calgary. Nick's blog will concern advances and innovations in the computer industry, often with a nod to their possible effect on electronic modes of entertainment.  You can read his computer technology blog here.

Site Announcement - March 4, 2011

InventorSpot.com is pleased to announce a new writer is joining our team.Kyle Fiechter is a freelance writer and photographer with videoproduction experience based in downtown Denver. Kyle's technology blog shares unique insight on the emerging market of DSLR cameras used for shooting video to keep InventorSpot readers ahead in the technology game. You can see his camera blog here.

Site Announcement - March 3, 2011

InventorSpot.com is excited to announce that a new writer has recently joined our team. Hazel Chua graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and just recently passed the Board Licensure examinations held late last year. She loves to read and writing has been her passion ever since she learned how to pick up a pen.  When she's not busy working, Hazel enjoys blogging, watching movies, catching up with friends, and playing video games. Hazel is an avid gamer and her blog Video Game Central will be "the blog that eats, lives, and breathes video games." You can read her video game blog here.

Site Announcement - February 17, 2011

InventorSpot.com is excited to announce that a new writer is joining our team.

Jamie Reygle is a teacher at a small independent school, and was a music writer and radio announcer in a past life. He writes about great ideas in order to avoid having a head full of them driving him insane. Jamie also lives - and works - on a farm. 

Jamie's blog Creativity Proclivity will be about the most creative great ideas he can find from around the world to share with InventorSpot.com readers.   

You can read his creativity blog here.

Site Announcement - October 20, 2010

InventorSpot.com is excited to announce that Spencer Lanoue will be joining our writing team as our small business blogger. Spencer Lanoue is a college student working on his business administration degree. He is excited to be working with InventorSpot and is open to all constructive criticism from experienced writers and of course, our readers.

You can find his small business blog here. We hope you enjoy his articles.

Site Announcement - October 18, 2010

InventorSpot.com is happy to announce that a new writer will be joining our team.

Amanda Hinski, will be focusing on environmental innovations. Amada is a Writing Arts undergrad student from New Jersey and avid blogger.  You can see her blog here

We hope you will enjoy her articles.

InventorSpot.com Team

Ron Docie To Write for InventorSpot.com

InventorSpot.com is proud to announce that Ron Docie, author of  "The Inventor's Bible, How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas" which is considered by many to be THE definitive guide for inventors will be joining InventorSpot.com as a  regular Featured Guest Blogger.

Site Announcement - February 19, 2010

InventorSpot.com is pleased to announce that a new writer is joining our team.


Kim Patterson is joining our writing team as a featured blogger, covering innovations in the health, beauty and kids areas.  She has a bachelor’s degree with a major in English and has always loved to write.   Kim is finally pursuing a freelance writing career to fulfill her dreams of writing for a living and enable her to stay at home with her young daughter.


You can read her blog here




Site Announcement - March 7, 2008

InventorSpot.com is pleased to announce the addition of another writer to our blogging team. Chris Weiss is a freelance writer who has dabbled in everything from politics to travel. Like many men (and women) out there, Chris is somewhat obsessed with the latest gadgets and technological breakthroughs. As a snowboarder, mountain biker and all around outdoor sports nut, Chris has a particular affinity toward gadgets that are designed to pull you out of the hairiest wilderness survival situations or simply make the outdoors more fun. Chris will be covering gadgets with a slight emphasis on outdoors and fitness-related items. You can check out his amazing finds here.