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In China, factory workers build the products that you use every day. In China, an environmental crisis and skyrocking population demand innovative solutions in a hurry. In China, web 2.0 has given citizens a voice where government censorship ensured they had no voice before. In China, viral videos are not what you'd expect.

In China, you can copy an iPhone if you put a H in front and call it a HiPhone. That makes it an original right?

So with that spirit in mind, I welcome you to SARS Technica: A blog about how this new China is changing the world while you sleep.


The Terminator thinks different in China

Here's one of the latest viral videos making the rounds on the Chinese internets. 'Secret Mission of the Terminator' is a fun video created by Leon Wang. It starts out with a shot of a terminator robot begging for change outside the Apple store in Beijing. After receiving a coin from a generous passer-by, he uses it to charge up from a nearby vending machine and then all heck breaks loose. Apple fanboys, please close your eyes. This isn't pretty.

Chinese Designer Creates Sandal / Air Jordan Mashup

According to Neocha, a site devoted to all things creative in China, designer Wang Zhijun has whipped up a crazy concept shoe that combines a pair of throwback Nike Air Jordan IVs with an old 1980s Chinese sandal-like shoe. He has taken the sole of the Air Jordans, and then added on a top piece that works in an open strap design that retains the Nike shoe shape and logo.

What a PSP Phone may look like

Some interesting images are emerging from a Chinese website Apparently patience is not one of the virtues of the shanzhai (loosely meaning, imitation) industry, as they love to kick out early prototypes and images of not-yet-released gadgets. The latest one of these is the PSP Phone. 

Human-Powered Washing Machine

What do you get when you cross a treadmill with a washing machine? Give up? Something that looks a little like this, actually. A kid by the name of Zhang Jiayu from the northeastern Liaoning province thought that conventional washing machines wasted far too much electricity. He then had the bright idea of creating one that was powered by a man running on top.

China Says Goodbye to Google With Cartoons

Since Google announced that they would no longer continue to censor in China, pretty much everybody has assumed that they won't be able to remain in the country. That may turn out to be the case. I'm not going to speculate too much on the issue, because there's way more than enough being said already. 

In the midst of all that headache, I do want to point out a few humorous tributes to Google that some Chinese netizens have published online.

China ice sculpture tragically made entirely from beer

The city of Harbin in northern China is widely known for it's freeze-your-snowballs-off temperatures and it's annual ice festival. Domestically, the city is also known for it's beer. Sadly, some wiseguy decided to combine the two to create a ginormous ice sculpture with nothing more than copious amounts of frozen beer. Such a waste...

China has system to detect vulgar Karaoke

Chinahush has a great write-up about a controversial new karaoke content management system being rolled out in Zhengzhou. The 'Black Box' (as it has been nicknamed) will flash red lights and alert the police when someone selects a vulgar song. Naturally, many netizens in China are voicing questions about such a system:

China's xpPhone to be upgraded to Win7Phone?

The Chinese xpPhone was itself thought to be a rumor until engadget China reported on it last month. Sadly, it looks like this monstrosity does indeed exist. And what's more, it looks like it might soon be upgrading to Windows 7. Nevermind that the real Windows 7 Mobile won't be coming out until late next year. As usual, China has us covered with this magnificent (read 'ridonkulous') piece of work.

Best Chinese Knockoff Ever? Sony VAIC TT

There's something ingenius about taking an 'O' and making it a 'C.'  It's so subtle. So clever. It boggles the mind with possibilities: Orec cookies anyone? Maybe a little Cvaltine to wash it down?  Ok, maybe not. But that's generally the idea behind this 'Viac' 'Vaic,' a shanzhai version of the tiny Sony Viao.

More Chinese Farmer Innovations: Baby Buddha Pears!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you're likely familiar with the unusual phenomenon of inventive Chinese farmers. For some reason, these rural inventors are grabbing more headlines than most Chinese tech companies. Well, here's another distinguished farmer to follow in that tradition.

This particular pear producer isn't going to let any economic downturn get the best of his crop sales. His baby buddha pears are selling like hotcakes, and he's doing so well that he now hopes to take them overseas. Check the photos: