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Small Business and Entrepreneurship

 "Let your vision be world embracing rather than confined to your own self." –Baha’u’llah


Although this concept holds remarkable truth, vision alone will never be sufficient. True genius lies in execution - transforming vision into creation.

For example, we might think it’s a good idea to build a library, but simply thinking of it as a good thing won’t get it built.  The ways and means have to be provided. We must will to build it and then proceed with the construction.

 "In sports, the only thing a player can truly control is his effort. The same applies to business. The only thing any entrepreneur, salesperson or anyone in any position can control is their effort." -Mark Cuban
 I’m passionately committed to being in business for myself, to not having other people tell me what to do, and to be in control of my own financial destiny.  I choose to invest my time building assets that generate income passively rather than spending it in exchange for an hourly wage, building someone else’s asset.

I’m committed to achieving financial freedom with time detached from income. This is so important to me that I’m willing to put up with just about any hardship to make it happen. 

As entrepreneurs, our job is to identify needs or problems, and provide solutions. We are fortunate enough to have the privilege of growing organizations that build products, create jobs, support our communities, shape society and make the world a better place to live. Please sign up for my latest updates here:


42 Creative Ways To Advertise Your Small Business On A Small Budget

Ever thought it impossible to gain attention in a market where the big dogs are spending millions of dollars a year to interrupt people and put their names in front of the masses? I know I have.

What we lack in capital, we have to make up for in creativity, tenacity and effort. We have to hustle harder than everyone else out there. We have to be the champions of our cause - day in and day out. 

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