X-TREME GATE Slide Out Truck Bed

X-treme-Vector-Logo-SmallInventor Name: Jerald E. Summers Jr.
Invention Status: Available now.
Website: www.xtremegate.com
X-Treme Gate Bed LinerPatent Number: 6,904,134 Additional Patents Pending.
Inventor Email: jerald@xtremegate.com
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The product, X-TREME GATE, is a concept best described as the ultimate method of creating additional cargo space in your pick-up bed without removing the tailgate or damaging the appearance or value of the pick-up truck.

According to consumer reports, the single largest complaint of pick-up truck owners is this; everyone wishes they had, “just a little more space.” With the constant growth of outdoor sports and other activities such as motor cross, camping, etc., the need for extra bed space is increasing. When a utility toolbox is added to the bed, the need for extra space is even greater. The X-TREME GATE solves the dilemma of the need for “just a little more space.”

Poster-Pic-A-SmallThe X-TREME GATE is made up of an aluminum alloy reinforced housing that attaches to your tailgate and three (3) composite plastic panels that include the main panel, which slides between the housing and the tailgate (this panel serves as the end panel when deployed). Two (2) side panels are hinged to opposite ends of the end panel. When the tailgate is deployed, pull the end panel from the inside of the housing until it locks into place, raise the two side panels to a vertical position, rotate the entire assembly up/forward, and attach the side panel’s retaining clips to the retainer posts on the inside of the bed near the tailgate jam.

Film_Vertical_smallThe X-TREME GATE has now boxed-in the bed to the outer edges of the tailgate to give you up to 10 square feet of additional bed space. That’s more than “just a little more space!” When not in use, the X-TREME GATE folds away inside the bed, virtually unnoticed and appears as an ordinary tailgate protector. Best of all, the X-TRTEME GATE’s always there when you need it and completely out of the way when you don’t.

  • Attaches to your tailgate so you will never be stranded without it!
  • Deploys and stows in seconds!
  • Less susceptible to theft.
  • Gives you up to 10 square feet of additional cargo space, more than the other leading extender!
  • Made of UV protected composite plastic, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel; so you know it will last.
  • Safely haul more cargo.
  • Regains the lost space of utility toolboxes.
  • Does not need to be rearranged or removed prior to loading.
  • You can load your cargo bed to the end of your tailgate prior to deploying.
  • The solid panels help hold in smaller loose cargo and helps keep your cargo out of sight from others.
  • Won’t become an obstacle in your garage.
  • Best of all… The X-TREME GATE is there when you need it and completely out of the way when you don’t!