Yellow Pages Booster Seat

When I was a kid, I remember every Thanksgiving following my uncle into the hallway so he could retrieve the phone book from his closet. He would hold it high above his head, shuffle to the table, and with a flourish, place it firmly on the black vinyl dining room seat. Relatives filed to the table, mouths loose, their heads wobbling, craning to view the steaming mashed potatoes, the shiny, gelled cranberry slices, and the turkey, bored on its back, legs distastefully splayed, while clear fluids pooled lazily around the platter.

This was my family Thanksgiving. My most vivid memory was that telephone book --- those sharp edges cutting into my thighs, the cover's stiffness, how I strummed the pages near my knees repeatedly until I was excused from the table.

Reluctantly, I re-lived that glorious holiday again when I came across Boost, the Yellow Pages booster seat. This time around, however, it looks a lot more comfortable. The seat seems lightweight, soft, and it's made from durable, form-fitting foam. The best part is that it's washable, so any spilled food or drink can be wiped up quickly with no fear of soggy pages or blurred words.

You must be three years or older to use the seat, since there are no straps to hold in someone younger.

While we don't go to my aunt and uncle's house anymore for Thanksgiving, I still feel a strange attachment for the Yellow Pages. I keep it bookmarked at the letters"Th" for therapist.

You can order Boost at various online stores.

Mia Levine
Featured Blogger