Intestines Made of Yarn : Wacky Product of the Week

Pink IntestinesPink IntestinesLast week, I shared with you something I thought a bit weird, a knitted Fetus Coin Purse.

This week, I found another knitted bit of weirdness. I present to you for your viewing astonishment inner organs made from yarn.

This Strage but Trewe site presents a kniiting pattern for the entire digestive system. I don't know why someone would want an entire digestive system made from yarn, although I do admit it's make for a dashing scarf I guess.

The pattern includes details on how to knit the @nus and the rectum as follows:


With size 6 dpns and Angry Pink, cast on 10 sts using a temporary cast-on, join. (If you don't know how to do a temporary cast-on, just cast on normally using waste yarn then knit 1 row with Angry Pink).
Knit 8 rows.

Biology in YarnBiology in Yarn

Pull cast-on edge up through the middle of the dpns. Slip a few stitches off the waste yarn and onto a spare dpn (I find it helps to use a smaller size). Next knit every stitch together with a stitch from the cast-on edge, slipping cast-on stitches from waste yarn onto the spare dpn as needed. Place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the row.


K3 rows plain.
K3,M1,K3,M1,K3,M1,K1 (13 sts)
K2 rows plain.
K4,M1,K4,M1,K4,M1,K1 (16 sts)
K2 rows plain.
K4,M1,K4,M1,K4,M1,K4,M1 (20 sts)
K12 rows plain.
K5,M1,K5,M1,K5,M1,K5,M1 (24 sts)
K6 rows plain.
Next row: *K12, turn, P10, turn, K8, turn, P6, Turn* K24 and repeat from *to*.
K2 rows.
Over the next 4 rows gradually switch from Angry Pink to Placid Pink as follows:
Row 1: Knit every 3rd or 4th stitch (aiming for a random appearance) from Placid Pink, carrying both yarns inside the work.
Rows 2-4: Knit all Placid Pink stitches and random Angry Pink stitches which neighbor them with Placid Pink, gradually replacing all Angry Pink stitches with Placid Pink.
Row 5: Break Angry Pink and knit all stitches with Placid Pink.

You will need to check out the site to get the rest of the pattern.

As I keep saying, one fool's wacky is another fool's cool. Can you say anything about this to make me laugh?

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Jun 14, 2007
by Anonymous I.B.S. (not verified)

So that's what irritable bowel syndrome looks like?

I don't see why anyone would want to make one of these to keep.  I do see one possible way to put them to use:  giving thousands to the military to use in lieu of "silly string" [or "military drilly string"?]  for checking for wires/explosives in fields.  Which gives me another idea for why we could justifiably mass produce and make good use of "Therapy Buddies" .....if the inner voice box can survive an external explosion.

Jun 19, 2007
by Anonymous Mr. Nickle (not verified)

Coin Purse

Instead of money being "tied up" in investments, it can be tied up in one's purse!